Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dollar bills.

A couple of weeks ago, Jake stumbled upon my cash hoard, and we were both surprised to find how much money I had managed to accumulate over the past several years.  You see, everytime I get money for Christmas or birthdays, I think about spending it, and then usually I don't.  I put it in my secret hiding place to save for later.  I like to save money...it has it's pros and cons ;)

Over the years this "saved" money had racked up to several hundred dollars.  Jake, ever the wise insurance agent, informed me that I should put it in the bank.  Evidently, most homeowners or renter's insurance policies cover minimal amounts of cash (the proper insurance term is "notes").  Our policy will only cover $200.

I countered that I needed some cash on hand in case the bank ever crashed or went out of business or if the world as we know it came to an end.  He rationalized that if any of those things happened, our cash would probably be fairly useless...we'd be looking for food and toilet paper by that point.

So, if you're a money-hoarder like me, this means that you should probably re-think things.  For example, if my house burns down with $10,000 cash in it (don't I wish I had that kind of dinero), they're only going to cover me $200.  If there's a tornado that blows my $1000 cash all the way to China, they're still only going to give me $200.  If a thief breaks in and steals my $500 cash hoard, they're only going to insure that I get $200.

The moral of this story is to hide your cash in a really good secret hiding place so your husband won't make you put all of your stash in the bank...haha.  Or you and your hoard could go on a Black Friday date, which I will warn you, may result in a break-up. 

Give Jake a call if you want to check up on how much cash your insurance policy will cover--252.752.8821.  Here's where all my cash hoard went-->

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