Thursday, November 1, 2012


I'm a Nationwide Insurance agent's wife, and this blog is meant to make you want to buy insurance from him.  Haha...just kidding...sort of.  I get asked insurance questions quite often.  Sometimes I know the answers, sometimes I have to ask Jake.  This blog is to discuss insurance related questions, ideas, and issues.  Hopefully it'll help and/or entertain.

If you want to talk to the real deal, feel free to call Jake at work (I'm too stingy about my Jake-time and worried about stalkers to give you his cell phone number) @ 252-752-8821.  Insurance Agent Jacob...serving all the insurance needs of the people in the great states of North and South Carolina.  If you're looking for an agent who'll take care of you and make insurance a little bit easier (because we all know it's a complicated mess), Jake's your man!

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