Friday, November 16, 2012

Rental Cars.

Did you know that rental car coverage is really super cheap?  Most anyone who has comprehensive and collision coverage can add it on for only 2-3 dollars a month.  My husband says he pretty much adds it onto most new policies he writes, because it doesn't affect the premium much and it's SO helpful.  If you are ever in a car accident, how much of a bind will you be in if you are rendered car-less for however long it takes to repair your car?

When I was in college, I shared a car with my little sister.  She was driving through an intersection when a car decided to turn left...right into our car.  Luckily, neither of them was driving particularly fast, but it still caused quite a bit of damage to the cars.

At the time, I was student teaching at a middle school 25 minutes from my apartment, and I couldn't be without a car--for even a day.  Since the other driver was at fault, obviously, we were given a rental car, but I wanted to point out that we were in that rental car for about a MONTH.

I don't know what the problem was with fixing our car.  They kept giving us excuses about having to special order parts.  I won't be recommending that repair shop to anyone.  Can you imagine what would have happened if we had been at fault and without a car for a whopping month?  The cheapest rental car rates start at $10.95/day.  That would have been over $300, and I don't even know if I could have gotten anything nearly that cheap.  Also, it's very difficult to even get a rental car if you are under 25 years old.  I was a poor college student, and such an expense would have been devastating.

Another cool coverage you can get for cheap is rental car insurance where your personal car insurance follows your rental car.  Rental car companies make a lot of money by requiring you to buy their insurance.  With this coverage, if you're ever on vacation and find yourself renting a car, your car policy will cover the rental car.  You can add this coverage for about $2 a month.  If you're doing a lot of traveling, that sure would be helpful, right?  Call Jake for details @ 252-752-8821...serving all of North and South Carolina ;)

Here's a picture of my sister and me...being in college together was great fun!


  1. You are the perfect Insurance Agent's wife (and daughter). I know nothing...nothing at all.

    That's crazy that you had to use a rental car for a month. Good grief!

  2. For me, I'd still prefer having my own car. I find it much cheaper that renting one, except for the maintenance which can be pricy depending on the repairs. It's a good thing that I have this very reliable car technician within our local that offers a decent cost of service. Just to add, cars nowadays have super cool computer systems with control modules for driving convenience. I hope you find one too. Cheers!
    Andre Brennan