Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hurricanes seem to hit the Carolinas nearly every year.  That's my baby sister and my dad in the picture above--during the eye of a hurricane that hit several years ago.  We even had people paddling down the street in a canoe at one point! 

I'm so thankful that we were spared the worst of Hurricane Sandy, but I thought it would be helpful to know what to do if your home or car were damaged in a hurricane.  Here's some of my questions and the answers I received from my insurance agent(s).

1.  Hurricane Sandy just caused a lot of damage to many people's homes.  What kinds of hurricane damages are typically covered by a homeowner's insurance policy?  

Common covered losses are lost shingles or a destroyed roof, broken siding, and trees that fall and hit covered property. It's best to ask your Agent exactly what coverage you have.

2.  Since homeowner's insurance doesn't cover flooding, how and where would I get flood insurance?
We offer Flood Insurance--we can take care of that. It is simply a separate policy from your standard Homeowners Policy.

3.  What kinds of hurricane damage are covered by my car insurance?  

Usually Comprehensive coverage can cover any damage caused by a hurricane, like something falling and hitting the car. It's best to check with your Agent to make sure you have coverage and to figure out what your Deductible is. The Deductible is how much you'll pay before your Insurance will pay.

4.  What steps should I take if/when my home or car are damaged in a hurricane?  

Any time your property is damaged, you should immediately call your Agent for information and advice. I always recommend taking pictures of damages as soon as possible.

5.  What are the advantages of having a Nationwide Agent (like yourself) in the event of a hurricane?

You can call me to know what you should do.  I can personally help you with paperwork or sending pictures in. From being in the business a long time, I know of trusted contractors and shops that can repair your property the way you would have it if you could do it yourself.

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